Airbrush 101: Helpful Tips For Airbrush Makeup

To individuals who’ve never attempted airbrushing makeup it may appear intimidating and hard. Utilizing a compressor and airgun in addition to liquid makeup is quite different from the standard makeup and brushes. However, the essential concepts of makeup application stay the same and also the sooner you choose up an airbrush makeup system, the earlier you’ll realize how easy it’s and will also be moving toward creating beautiful HD looks.

The Various Tools

An airbrush makeup package is composed of a compressor, an airbrush (or ‘stylus’) along with the makeup. The compressor feeds air via a hose that is connected to the airbrush which releases a combination of air and makeup once the trigger is depressed using the pointer finger. There’s two kinds of airbrush: just one-action along with a dual-action. The only-action has only one setting: an established mixture of air and makeup. The twin-action enables additional control of the quantity of air that’s released with the airbrush, this provides you with you additional control.

The Makeup

There are many kinds of makeup utilized in airbrush makeup systems. Alcohol-based, silicone-based and water-based. Both alcohol and silicone is definitely an irritant towards the skin it is essential to check it on the small area before covering your whole face. Water-based airbrush makeup is just fine pigments combined with water and usually feel lighter onto the skin. Silicone-based airbrush makeup will create a more Hd look but you should observe that it’s very specific reflective characteristics which could cause undesirable glare having a camera-flash or video and movie lights.

How It Operates

Essentially airbrush makeup is really a fine mist of small particles of liquid makeup that sits onto the skin instead of being applied in to the skin. The benefit of spraying tiny droplets of makeup is you can develop layers to progressively blend the appearance that you would like, producing a a lot more natural look and perfect coverage.

Applying Airbrush Makeup

Hardly any makeup can be used when airbrushing makeup. For foundation 6-12 drops is sufficient. Many brands have a a lot of different foundation shades and will help you find the correct shade for you personally. It’s also easy to mix airbrush makeup to locate the perfect shade – that is completed in the airbrush cup by back-bubbling before the two shades mix. You won’t ever wish to contain the airbrush closer than 6 inches out of your face or beyond 12. Use circular motions or perhaps a back-and-forth motion and progressively layer the building blocks til you have achieved the end result you would like. Have confidence and believe in eye. Keep the wrist steady. Make certain you need to do exactly the same quantity of passes on sides.

When contouring & highlighting, applying blush, eye-shadow or eye-liner a lesser PSI is more suitable. This enables for additional control around difficult areas. For contouring and highlighting you’ll need a shade or more more dark like a bronzer. Applying blush after foundation, contouring and highlighting means that it’ll stick out more. Should you choose it before-hands then it will likely be more subtle. Areas round the eye only need 2 drops of makeup. Take care not to squint while applying eye-shadow because the makeup will accentuate the lines. It is a lot simpler to use eye-liner and do your eyebrows with stencils though, with some, you’ll be able to get it done freehand.