Creating the Best Cosmetic Boxes

The beauty and cosmetic industry is luxurious to venture in. This has been proven by some celebrities who have launched their own line of beauty products. However, the success of your products is dependent on factors such as their quality, benefits, advertising and marketing strategies and finally, packaging. In fact, packaging is essentially the biggest feature that determines if your product will sell or not. So, besides coming up with quality products, you need quality cosmetic boxes as well.  To ensure your cosmetic boxes meets the consumers standard’s, here are a few tips on what should be considered;

  • The product type

Body lotion, lipstick, mascara, perfumes and other products should dictate the type of packaging to be used. For fragile products, corrugated cardboard boxes are used.  The size of the cosmetic boxes should also be of concern. A well fitted box increases the protection of the items as well as improves on its image.

  • Decorations on the box

What sells in the beauty and cosmetics industry apart from the product, is the aesthetic nature of the boxes. The more attractive it is, the more it draws attention to your brand. Thus, a potential customer will be interested to know more about your product and eventually even purchase it. This is the power of a well-designed and creative custom boxes.

  • Target customers

Gone are the days that beauty products were left to the female gender. Nowadays, there are body lotions for men, perfume for men, beard oil and so on. To come up with a box design that will increase sales, you have to consider who your target customers are. It might be men, girl tweens, or older women. Whichever the case, the outlook of the cosmetic boxes should entice the targeted group in order to get them to buy the specified products

  • The current trends

After a while, the same old designs doesn’t work like it used to. Therefore, brands have to keep revamping their cosmetic boxes. The best way to do so is by observing the trending designs in their niche. This portrays a sense of competition and seriousness.  Choosing trending designs also means that you still remain relevant to your customers.

  • Your brand’s personality

For cosmetics, each brand has its own personality. There are those who go for a luxurious designs, dark and edgy or simple and classic. Your brand personality offers a guide as to what elements to include on the box and still be close to the customer’s heart.

All these are elements that should be portrayed in the cosmetic box designs. And since beauty and cosmetic products make the perfect gifts as well, the boxes too should be something that the receiver will appreciate. You can do so much for your product line and in case you are at a crossroads, you can reach us for assistance to build a brand that everyone will want to be associated with.