Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Septum Piercing And Healing

Septum piercings are done at one of the unusual places in the body. This region is the place in the middle of the nose. Despite this unusual procedure, many people are keen to get it performed on themselves. When a little hair plucked at this area gives you a lot of pain, imagine how painful it will be to pierce that region.

It definitely hurts and fills your eyes with water. This makes it very important to get the right professional to perform septum piercing on you. If you are thinking of performing this treatment, then this article will serve as a helpful guide.

Is septum piercing painful?

The pain of undergoing a septum piercing differs from one person to another. It will definitely make you burst in tears. The tears that come out is not essentially because of pain, but because of the natural response of the nervous system to secrete tears when the nose is pierced or pinched.

Once the needle gets into the region, it will give you a sharp tingling sensation. As soon as the needle comes out and jewelry is inserted into the pierced region, a person feels relaxed.

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Signs when you should not perform a septum piercing

Septum piercing is not for everyone. There are people who should stay away from this treatment. If you are susceptible to colds, sinus or have got seasonal allergies, then let yourself heal first before undergoing this treatment. If you have any such issues, it is very important to talk to your piercer before getting this treatment.

What should be the ideal size of getting septum jewelry?

The size of the starter jewelry depends on your preference. It can be small as eighteen gauges, but sixteen and fourteen gauge looks best on a fuller nose. As per the choice of the person, the piercing can even be stretched to a level that you need.


Like any other cosmetic surgery, septum piercing also requires one to obtain detailed information about this treatment. The more you are informed, the better the chances of successful treatment.