Things You Need to Know About Anti-Tragus Piercing

Anti-tragus piercing is done on the outer cartilage area, opposite side of tragus piercing. As with any other type piercing, this also involves the pain factor and this is one of the most painful piercing, but gives you a nice look.

Once you have decided to have this piercing the first thing you need to do is choosing the skilled piercing parlor so that you experience a safe piercing. Ask your friends for recommendations or you can check online for parlors with good customer reviews.

Once you decided the piercing parlor and check-in, they let you know the process, and before piercing, they will clean the area and mark the points. Once you confirm the markings then the piercer continues the piercing process that will happen around just 10 seconds.

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Anti-tragus area can easily get infected. Clean the area with water and salt solution twice a day. To make this solution, add ΒΌ teaspoon sea salt in 250 ml of water and using a cotton ball clean the area carefully without hurting yourself. Do not try any self-treatment for curing since they might cause some infection.


Healing time differs for person to person. Usually it takes around six months to even one year. During these times do not forget to follow the aftercare tips provided by your piercer. Keep the area clean and dry. Anti-tragus is very sensitive area, by following these tips you can heal your piercing sooner.

Avoid touching the pierced area unnecessarily. It is better to avoid sleeping on that side until healing is complete. In order not to disturb your sleep, have one ear pierced at a time and after it is cured you can have your other ear pierced.


As with jewelries, you got a wide range of cool looking options. But be sure with the first earring, since you would be wearing this for a longer time. There are jewels of various metals like sterling silver, gold etc., make sure which material goes well with you.


Cost of piercing wholly depends on the experience of the piercer and the location of the salon. Even if you have to pay some more dollars extra, it is better to go to an experienced piercer to avoid any problems.